When we talk about scientists, the first thing that comes to mind is what innovations they have made. We, as a nation, have traditionally relied on innovation. Innovation leads to change, development, and optimism, from the discovery of the wheels throughout the Industrial Revolution to air travel, the internet, and pharmaceuticals. Policies promoting innovation are more important than ever in today's globe, which is still suffering from the crisis and seeking novel, stronger, more inclusive, and sustainable paths forward. Innovation is about more than just new items; it is also about developing and disseminating new processes and procedures. New enterprises, new employment, and cleaner surroundings may all result from innovation. Innovation is critical for solving significant societal and global concerns such as ageing, resource shortages, illness, and climate change, in addition to sustaining development. Education, skills, and well-being are all boosted by innovation.

As we move forward we are going to talk and know about 5 innovtion that changed our world and the way we live.

Thomas Alva Eddison

He was born February 11, 1847, was the quintessential American inventor. Ironically, someone who has invented all these inventions has only attended high school for 3 months but has given the world many mind-gaping innovations that have touched great heights. Thomas Edison's remarkable 1,093 patents substantially changed the society we live in today. Edison is widely regarded as being one of the brightest innovators of all time. The light bulb and electric utility system, recorded sound, motion pictures, R&D labs, and the alkaline family of storage batteries are among his most notable innovations. Thomas Edison is well recognized for inventing the light bulb. The phonograph, considered Thomas Edison's first big invention and a lifelong favorite, would record and play back the spoken voice.

Wright brother’s

Wilbur and Orville Wright were the first to fly a plane that they made. Who would say two intelligent minds that have created such an innovative invention, something like a flying machine, have never graduated high school but have given the world an invention that has created history Later on, both brothers modified their flying machine so that it could fly for longer periods of time. The Wright brothers then created an innovation that led to the development of a three-axis control system so that pilots could successfully show direction to the aircraft while maintaining its stability.

Bill Gates

Bill Gates is known as an American computer programmer who cofounded the famous Microsoft Corporation along with Paul Allen, which created history in the world of computers. It is very hard to believe that someone who is so talented has not completed college. Bill Gates went to Harvard University where he was pursuing computer science course, where he was there for only two years where he was pursuing pre law major. He is successfully leading his life as a computer programmer, entrepreneur, author, and philanthropist. In the present, Bill Gates co-chairs the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation along with Melinda French Gates, where he works hard to provide his wealth back to the people of society.

Larry Ellison

Larry Ellison, founder of Oracle, is known as an American businessman and entrepreneur who was cofounder and Chief executive officer of a software corporation from 1977 to 2014. Such a technologically sound mind, but strange to know that he dropped out of college not once but twice. He went to the University of Illinois, where he spent two years and was pursuing pre-med, and dropped out in 1966. Later, Larry attended the University of Chicago but also dropped out within a year. He currently serves as Chief Technology Officer and Executive Officer.

Michael Dell

Michael Dell, He is popularly known as Founder of Dell Computers and laptops, he presented himself as chairperson and chief executive director of Dell technologies, He founded Dell just at the age of 19 but he has dropped out of university of Texas, where he was pursuing macroeconomics.


Overall we see so many innovative invention day to day which takes our life into great heights but we hardly know who are behind them, through this article we put some lights behind all these inventions.


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