IT or Information Technology is the most demanding career among all students and their parents. It claims to provide a better life and opportunity across India. IT refers to Information Technology. It is synonymous with computer and computer networks but it also includes other information distribution technologies.


Before asking this question, you must ask yourself what is success for you. Why are you choosing IT? Often, we choose a profession because either we are inclined towards that profession or we follow others blindly.  IT provides endless possibilities and swift employment. Once we complete our education, our prime requirement is to get employed. IT offers that. IT field offers tons of opportunities and caters to a superfluity of businesses and societal needs. Now tell me who doesn’t love a profession that not only provides you opportunities to explore yourself but also allows growth in your career!
Now I am going to talk about 5 essential tips that would help you to have a successful career in IT.

1.  BUILD A STRONG FOUNDATION:  A strong foundation is a basic requirement irrespective of any profession. Before choosing IT one must build a strong foundation in the fundamentals such as programming languages, databases, operating systems, networking, and algorithms. A solid understanding serves as a strong base for your career growth.

2.  DEVELOP SOFT SKILLS:  In addition to technical skills, soft skill training is also required in order to have a successful career in IT. You must nurture soft skills like COMMUNICATION, TEAMWORK, LEADERSHIP, and ADAPTABILITY. Since IT professionals work in a collaborative environment, these interpersonal skills would separate you from the lots and would provide you an opportunity to stand out among the ordinary.

3.  BE PROACTIVE AND TAKE INITIATIVE:  Only fools wait for the opportunities to come and knock on the doors on one fine day! Before opportunities come to you, you seek them and take initiative. Volunteer for challenging projects, look for innovative ideas, be hungry for new learning new things, and be proactive in your approach. When you take initiative, it demonstrates your desire and directs you to success.

4. NETWORKING AND COMMUNICATIONAL SKILLS:  A question may arise about what role networking and communicational skill have to play. Networking is always important in case of growth in your career. Building a strong network will help you in getting connected with professionals, seek mentorships, and participate in relevant discussions. In addition to strong networking, good communicational skills will accelerate your career growth and also set you apart from others.

5.  GAIN PRACTICAL EXPERIENCE THROUGH CONTINUOUS LEARNING:  While everything is evolving, it is very difficult to get success without having any practical knowledge. While everything is evolving, technology is no exception. So, it is very important that we embrace new changes through continuous learning and gain-in-hand experiences. To be ahead of the rest, seek out internships, volunteer for different projects, and do online courses on the relevant subject. The more you work for practical experience, the more you gain knowledge and your problem-solving skills get better. Problem-solving skill is one of the desired skills in the field of IT.


There is no shortcut formula for success. Hard work, persistence, and perseverance – this is the guru mantra for success. You need to keep in mind the essentials and be focused. Success requires time. Success is not a one-night journey, you must work resolutely to embrace it.

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