TEDx Talks is the platform of expressing creative and new ideas within 18 mins. It usually takes little amount of time to avoid audience’s wondering and daydreaming. The ideas that will be shared should be exciting and surprising for the audience that would motive them to start off something new and also help them to grow.

The power of vulnerability 

It has been given by Brene Brown. She challenges the belief that the vulnerability is a sign of weakness. Instead she argues that vulnerability is the foundation for courage, empathy and connection. Brown research has shown that vulnerability is not something to be avoided or feared but rather embraced. She says that sense of courage a human has who can tell their own story and express themselves their heart out, needs a lot of courage to be imperfect. She even told to treat others well first we have to treat ourselves well with compassion then only we can show it to others. Brene Brown spoke that as a result of aunthenticity, human beings let go of what they actually are. She beautifully explained human beings are vulnerable and that make them beautiful. Some useful tips she has given to us. They are like make ourselves been seen deeply and vulnerably. Secondly, loving someone with whole heart even if there is no surety. Thirdly, every human should show joy and gratitude when they are in the phase of fear, doubt and vulnerability.

Reading minds through body language by Lynne Franklin

In this context Lynne discusses how to reach people’s mind by understanding their body language. She argues that there are main ways that people think- in pictures, in words and in feelings. By understanding how a person thinks, you can use body language to build rapport with them and influence their behavior. She said that human brain fuction important information by thinking in three different ways. The body language normally tells us about the primary style the human being. She explains everything in a vey simple way so that anyone can apply in their own lives. She said according to her 3 types of people belongs in this world- lookers, listners and feelers. She explains by using her body language to execute confidence which make the audience believe what she was speaking and showing herself knowledgable.

The Power of Introverts by Susan Cain

In this context Susan Cain argues that introverts are often undervalued and misunderstood. She shares her own experience as an introvert and through research she shows that introverts have many strength, including creativity, empathy and thought of fullness. Cain also discusses the importance of creating a world that is more welcoming to introverts.


In essence, TEDx talks are more than presentations; they are alchemical experiences that transmute the ordinary into the extraordinary and the mundane into the profound. They serve as lighthouses guiding ships through the stormy seas of life, helping individuals navigate uncharted waters armed with the compass of their own stories and the sails of newfound inspiration.

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