Get ready for a blog adventure! We're unlocking the secrets of communication magic with TEDx talks that are like the superheroes of conversation. From turning words into a symphony to shining a light on the dark side of language, we're diving deep into the art of genuine connection. It's not just a blog—it's your backstage pass to the captivating world of meaningful conversations!

How to Speak so that People Want to Listen

In the symphony of communication, Julian Treasure, in her talk based on “how to speak so that people want to listen” unveils a captivating composition on how to not just speak but orchestrate words in a way that captivates and resonates with the hearts and minds of the audience.

1. Craft Your Voice as an Instrument: Julian's approach invites you to explore the nuances of your vocal range, turning your voice into a captivating instrument that harmonizes with your message.
2. Enunciate with Precision: Each syllable becomes a brushstroke, painting a vivid picture in the listener's mind. Clarity becomes the vessel through which your message travels.
3. Find the Rhythm in Moderation: Pace, the heartbeat of your speech, is crucial. Speak not in a frenetic rush, nor in a lethargic drawl.
4. Harness the Power of Pause: Julian encourages the effective use of pauses, transforming mere words into resonant beats.
5. Infuse Dynamic Tones: This tonal diversity adds texture to your speech, creating a captivating soundscape that keeps your audience attuned to the emotional nuances of your message.
6. Embrace the Art of Silence: Julian advocates for purposeful pauses, allowing the weight of your words to sink in. Silence is not an absence; it's a presence that magnifies the impact of what is spoken.
7. Weave Narratives into Your Discourse: Julian Treasure champions the timeless allure of storytelling. In a world inundated with information, stories become beacons that guide and engage.

The Dark Magic of Communication

In the enigmatic exploration of communication, Christopher Cumming, in this talk “The Drak Magic of Communication” delves into the shadows, unraveling the arcane realm of what he terms "The Dark Magic of Communication." His discourse is a nuanced exploration of language's dual nature—a potent tool that can be wielded to both illuminate truth and obscure it in the shadows of manipulation and deception. Cummings fearlessly contends that within each of us lies the capacity to employ language as a cloak of deceit, manipulating narratives to suit personal agendas. Central to his argument is the urgent call for awareness—a plea to recognize these linguistic maneuvers not only to fortify our own defenses but also to navigate the intricate web of human interaction with discernment. The speaker ventures into the unsettling terrain where communication takes on a malevolent guise, fostering wrongdoing, breeding intolerance, and even inciting violence. The exploration of language as a double-edged sword unfurls, prompting reflection on the ethical responsibilities embedded in wielding such a powerful tool.

7 ways to make a conversation

In the artistry of interpersonal connection, Malvika Vardan, in her talk “7 ways to make a conversation” a seasoned radio presenter with an innate love for engaging conversations, imparts her wisdom on the seven keys to unlocking the door to meaningful dialogue:
1. Energize greetings with passion:
Malvika encourages us not merely to exchange pleasantries but to infuse our greetings with genuine warmth and enthusiasm. A simple "hi" or "hello" becomes the precursor to a conversation brimming with energy and connection.
2. Bypass Superficiality; Embrace Candidness:
Departing from the mundane, Vardan advocates steering clear of small talk. Instead, dive into the depths of genuine connection by asking personal questions. Candidness, she believes, is the catalyst for a more fruitful and authentic conversation.
3. Uncover Shared Grounds:
Like a skilled conversational archaeologist, Malvika urges us to unearth commonalities. Discovering shared interests lays the foundation for a dialogue that transcends the ordinary, transforming it into a shared journey of discovery.
4Solicit Opinions, Ignite Perspectives:
Recognizing the innate human inclination to share perspectives, Vardan advises posing thought-provoking questions. By inviting opinions, the conversation evolves into a dynamic exchange of ideas and insights, creating a tapestry of shared understanding.
5. Craft Compliments with Thoughtfulness:
Malvika Vardan advocates for compliments that transcend the commonplace. She encourages us to express sentiments that are not just routine but resonate with authenticity and thoughtfulness, elevating the conversational experience.
6. Embody Active Presence:
Being an active listener is an art form, according to Vardan. She emphasizes the importance of full engagement—listening not just with ears but with genuine interest and attention, ensuring a connection that goes beyond words.
7Establish Trust through Eye Contact:
In the visual dance of communication, Malvika underscores the significance of making eye contact. It becomes a symbol not just of seeing but of trust and confidence, fostering a deeper connection between conversational partners.


In the symphony of communication, these TEDx talks are a melodic exploration into nuanced expression. Julian Treasure crafts voices into instruments, painting pictures with syllabic brushstrokes, and weaving resonant narratives. Christopher Cumming, a linguistic alchemist, delves into shadows, unveiling language's dual nature—illuminating truth and cloaking it in the dark magic of manipulation. His discourse is a poignant reminder of the ethical responsibility in wielding this powerful tool. Malvika Vardan, a maestro of meaningful dialogue, shares seven keys for genuine connection—from passionate greetings to establishing trust through eye contact. Her insights serve as a compass in navigating the intricate tapestry of human interaction.

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