The armed forces of our country have already given us so much in terms of protection, safety, and whatnot. Their skills of being specially trained and highly responsible make us Indian citizens feel safe and secure. What better way of modernizing than with something that will help them in their profession as well as later in their life. Prestigious Educational Institute IIT Guwahati has taken the initiative and proactively addressed the needs of the armed forces by launching a three-month training program in drone technology on November 30th 2023. This program is distinctively tailored for Junior Commissioned Officers (JCO's) and other rank officers. This unique program has been executed by the Centre for Educational Technology (CET), Centre for Intelligent Cyber Physical System (CICPS), Centre for Drone Technology and the IIT Guwahati Technology Innovation and Development Foundation.


The central aim of this initiative is to modernize and boost the operational capabilities of the armed forces by implementing effective strategies for specific tasks, fostering seamless actions within the Indian army. Moreover, the program offers significant advantages to retired armed officers by aiding in their post-retirement career plans in drone technology. It provides them with expertise, valuable insights, and a well-defined path for systematic progression in their future pursuits. With an unwavering focus and complete proficiency, the program imparts comprehensive training in drone technology, pilot training, and software operations to both armed forces officers and junior commissioned officers. The overarching objective is to instigate substantial changes in operational activities.


The present training program on drone technology is being facilitated by faculty present at the institutes who have an understanding of the core concepts and would surely be fruitful in imparting an accurate level of knowledge and yielding opportunities. This program is comprised of skillful faculties from CICPS who will be looking after the theoretical courses and practical training members from the institute’s TIDF will be guiding and proving hands-on knowledge and experience to the participants to aid them in making sense of the core and valuable concepts that assist them in possessing entrepreneurial skills so that one day they could build their own startup in the area of drone technology. Empowering aspiring individuals to envision and build their own pioneering startups within the realm of drone technology, leveraging the wealth of knowledge and skills garnered from this unique training program.


The program is meticulously designed to integrate both theoretical and practical aspects of drone technology and operations. The theoretical component delves into the essentials of Math and Computing Foundation, Drone Technology, Fundamentals of Electrical, Electronics & Mechanical Engineering, and Applied Engineering during classroom sessions. Meanwhile, the hands-on practical segment emphasizes Flight Simulator usage, Basic Assembly, Risk Assessment & Analysis, Drone Equipment Maintenance, Payload Installation and Utilization, and an introduction to Drone Data & Analysis. Additionally, participants engage in Robotics, 3D Printing, hands-on flying sessions with an instructor, and solo flying, making this program truly distinctive.


IIT Guwahati's drone technology program for the armed forces is a forward-thinking initiative to enhance operational capabilities. It addresses immediate military needs and provides opportunities for retired officers in drone technology. The well-structured program, in collaboration with IIT Guwahati institutes, combines theoretical knowledge and practical training. It aims to empower armed forces personnel with advanced knowledge, offering pathways for post-retirement careers and entrepreneurial ventures. This commitment to innovation and skill development signifies a commendable step toward a technologically advanced and secure future for India.


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