IIT Kanpur has created a unique body of skills that has significantly impacted several fields on a national and international level. This institute is standing as a hub of technical education excellence and research has been further enhanced by the success of its graduates in business, government service, industry and academia.

However, in a groundbreaking move, IIT Kanpur has opened its doors to a broader range of students by offering online e-Masters Degree programs in diverse fields without the need for GATE exams. This move represents a significant shift in the IIT system and aims to make high-quality technical education more accessible to a diverse pool of talent.

So there is huge opportunity for the students who is willing to do post graduate from one of the best IIT college of India i.e. IIT Kanpur without giving the GATE examination.

Diverse Range of e-Masters Programs

IIT Kanpur's offerings of e-Masters Degree programs cover a diverse range of fields, reflecting the evolving needs of today's society and the job market:

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

The eMasters program in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AI/ML) offers a well-structured curriculum. It consists of six essential core modules and nine optional elective modules. This have been generally curated to provide participants with appropriate exposure Learning with AI and Machine and their impact on the changing technological landscape.
BEST FACULTY:-  There are more than two faculties in all particular fields taking two as an initial like
Ketan Rajawat - Ph.D., University of Minnesota, USA Associate Professor, Department of Electrical Engineering, SPiN Research Group Lab, IIT Kanpur, IIT Kanpur Chief.
Tushar Sandhan - Ph.D., Seoul National University, South Korea Assistant Professor, Department of Electrical Engineering, IIT Kanpur.

Business Leadership in the Digital Age 

E-Masters in Business Leadership offers a transformative learning journey that combines theory and practical application. With three Core Modules providing a strong leadership foundation, participants can choose eight out of ten Technology-oriented Modules to align with their interests and stay updated on digital trends. The program's highlight is the Capstone Project, where participants apply their knowledge to solve real-world business challenges. Completing 12 modules in a short timeframe earns participants an e-Masters degree, equipping them with essential leadership skills to thrive in the digital age.
Ph.D. from the University of Minnesota, USA, and former Indian Defence Secretary, now serving as Distinguished Visiting Faculty at IIT Kanpur.  
Ram Sewak Sharma -Ph.D. from IIT Delhi,  the Chief Executive Officer of the National Health Authority, served as Chairman of TRAI and Director-General of UIDAI, and is currently a Distinguished Visiting Faculty member at IIT Kanpur.           

Renewable Energy and e-Mobility

IIT Kanpur's e-Masters in Renewable Energy and E-Mobility, a transformative program designed by experts. This comprehensive curriculum, featuring 12 Core Modules, immerses participants in the cutting-edge world of sustainable energy and e-mobility. It encourages innovative thinking in energy supply and utilization, addressing the urgent global concern of climate change. Through hands-on learning and a practical approach, participants gain mastery in these vital fields, positioning themselves at the forefront of the sustainable energy revolution.
Rajeev Jindal - Ph.D., IIT Delhi Professor of Practice, Department of Sustainable Energy Engineering, IIT Kanpur
Ashish Garg -
Ph.D. from the University of Cambridge, the Head of IIT Kanpur's Department of Sustainable Energy Engineering.

Climate Finance and Sustainability

IIT Kanpur's e-Masters in Climate Finance and Sustainability, a program expertly crafted by industry leaders. This comprehensive curriculum comprises 12 Core Modules, seamlessly blending theory with real-world application. Through this engaging approach, participants gain hands-on expertise in sustainable practices. These modules offer valuable insights into the impact of climate change on corporate financing decisions and value, equipping learners with the knowledge and skills needed to navigate the evolving landscape of climate finance and sustainability.

Wasim Ahmad -
Post-Doctorate from LSE and a Ph.D. from Delhi University, serves as an Associate Professor in Economic Sciences.

Suman Saurabh - Ph.D. (IIM Ahmedabad) Assistant Professor, Department of Management Sciences.

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Benefits of Online e-Masters Degrees

  • Accessibility
  • Flexibility Quality
  • Education Networking
  • Opportunities
  • Global Perspective

Eligibility criteria

There are three main eligibility criteria for the 4 post graduate courses from IIT KANPUR are the followings:

  • Minimum qualification is 4 years of bachelor degree or master degree,
  • You must have scored minimum of 55% marks and
  • At least 2 years of experience in particular field.




IIT Kanpur offers a diverse range of e-Masters programs, each meticulously designed to provide a comprehensive education.IIT Kanpur's decision to offer online e-Masters Degree programs in emerging fields without the need for GATE exams is a significant step forward in the democratization of education. It signals a shift towards a more inclusive and flexible learning environment, where individuals from diverse backgrounds can access top-notch education. This move aligns with the evolving educational landscape and the changing needs of both students and the job market. As other institutions follow suit, we can expect a more equitable and accessible education system that empowers learners to pursue their dreams and contribute to the advancement of society in various fields.

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