There are numerous colleges and universities that offer courses without considering the Joint Entrance Examination (JEE) scores. Some institutions conduct their own entrance exams or consider other criteria for admissions into their programs. Among all other colleges IIT Patna is one with six new unique programs.


The Indian Institute of Technology Patna (IIT Patna) established in 2008, emerges as an avant-garde institution nestled in Patna, Bihar. Its distinction as an Institute of National Importance is underscored by a fusion of tradition and innovation. Beyond conventional education, IIT Patna is a crucible for groundbreaking research and disruptive ideation, fostering an ecosystem where diverse disciplines converge for transformative solutions. This institute, with its dynamic blend of pioneering academia and industry integration, propels students toward unconventional thinking and hands-on experiential learning. Against the backdrop of a rich cultural tapestry, IIT Patna serves as a vanguard for intellectual exploration, crafting a legacy of trailblazing innovation that resonates on a global scale.

Let’s know about the new courses of IIT Patna

IIT Patna is now offering six hybrid courses to cater to diverse academic interests. These programs are thoughtfully designed to provide students with a unique blend of theoretical knowledge and practical skills. These courses include:
  1. Bachelor of Science- B.Sc. (Honours) Degree in Computer Science and Data Analytics (CS DA)
  2. Artificial Intelligence & Cyber Security (AICS)
  3. Mathematics & Computer Science (MCS)
  4. Accounting & Financial Management (AFM)
  5. Business Management & Analytics (BMA)
  6. Business Administration (BBA)
These new business management courses are designed by professional body of recommendations and guidelines.
Undergraduate (UG) Duration: 3 years
Accordance with NEP -2020 Framework 
  • JEE Score will be required for who has already completed
  • 10+2 minimum 60% marks
  • Valid Score / Rank in National/State Entrance Exam.
Paid Apprenticeship YES
Entrance Exams for Other Students
  • NTSE
  • KVPV
  • ST(US)
State Level Entrance Exam IIT & SAT 
International Level Entrance Exam
  • US (SAT1/SAT2)
  • UK (BMAT)
Seat Capacity Total: 1500 seats (250 seats for each course)
  • Rs 40k per semester for Computer Science Courses 
  • Rs 50k per semester for Business Management Courses

These courses open up a cool opportunity if you're aspiring to enter the world of technology or business, these programs offer a promising pathway.
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It is concluded that IIT Patna introduces six groundbreaking undergraduate programs aligned with NEP 2020, diverging from JEE reliance. These courses prioritize diverse entry criteria and emphasize industry relevance. Ranging from Computer Science to Business Management, they offer experiential learning through paid apprenticeships. With limited seats and a focus on innovation, IIT Patna aims to shape a select cohort, marking a paradigm shift in higher education.


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