In India, several government colleges and universities offer B.Tech programs with reasonable tuition fees. These institutions provide quality education at more affordable rates due to government subsidies and support. When choosing a B.Tech program, students can explore various government options and consider factors such as faculty expertise, available specializations, and placement opportunities to find the right fit for their academic and financial needs.

There are best five government B.Tech colleges in India under Rs 1 LAKH
are the followings:-

1. Jadavpur University:

It is located in Kolkata, India, boasts a rich legacy dating back to 1955. With a strong focus on research, it offers a wide range of programs across various fields, including engineering, technology, and the humanities. Its influential alumni network and commitment to academic excellence solidify its place as a prominent institution in the Indian educational landscape.
  • Its annual fees is only Rs 2400
  • Its hostel fees is only Rs 25 including electricity and WIFI facilities
  • Its highest placements Rs 1.8 crore, Rs 1.4 crore and Rs 1.2 crore
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2. VJTI, or Veermata Jijabai Technological Institute: 

It is a respected engineering and technology institution based in Mumbai, India. With a history dating back to 1887, it maintains a strong legacy of academic excellence and successful industry placements.
  • Its annual fees is Rs 67000
  • Its highest placements is Rs 67 lakhs and average placements is Rs 18 lakhs

3. JNTU Hydrabad:

It is a prominent technical institution in India, renowned for its engineering and technology programs. Established in 1972, it excels in academics, research, and industry placements, consolidating its position as a leading institution in the country's educational landscape.
  • Its annual fees is Rs 26500
  • Its highest placements Rs 44 lakhs and average placements Rs 10.5 lakhs

4. Jamia Millia Islamia: 

It is situated in New Delhi, It is a respected educational institution known for its rich history since its establishment in 1920. The university offers a wide range of academic programs, excelling in academics and research, and has a notable alumni network contributing to its reputation in the Indian education landscape.
  • Whose annual fees is Rs 16000
  • Its highest placements Rs 26 lakhs and average placements Rs 8.5 lakhs

5. The College of Engineering Pune: 

It was established in 1854, is a renowned institution located in Maharashtra, India. It provides a large selection of engineering and technology undergraduate and graduate degrees. With a dedicated faculty, the college is celebrated for its academic excellence and the remarkable success of its students in securing placements in leading industries.
  • Its annual fees is Rs 90,000
  • Its highest placements Rs 39 lakhs and average placements Rs 9 lakhs.


In conclusion, these government colleges offer quality B.Tech education at affordable fees. Prospective students should consider their budget, preferred location, and available specializations when making a choice. These institutions have notable placement records, making them excellent options for those looking to pursue B.Tech programs in India without a significant financial burden.


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