None can deny that a job that pays well and offers better opportunities in the process is something all want. After contributing so many years to education, expecting a better job for a better career is not unusual. However, it is a difficult task to obtain the right job when the market is fluctuating. The pandemic with digital transformation has brought about many significant changes in the market. The need has changed. 

A High Demand job refers that either there being more opportunities available than qualified candidates to fill them or several opportunities are going to come in the next few years. Such kinds of jobs usually offer better job opportunities, better salaries, better growth, and overall, a sense of security. But one thing we must keep in mind is that our salary expectations must meet our educational qualifications, proficiency, and experience. 

According to The Bureau of Labour Statistics, there will be job growth in the market in the next few years. Based on their data a list of a few highly demanding jobs has given below: 

1. Technology and IT

  1. Artificial Intelligence or AI
  2.  Machine Learning or ML
  3.  Cyber Security ? Robotics
  4.  Blockchain Developers.


2. Healthcare Industry

  1.  Nursing
  2.  Nurse Practitioners
  3.  Pharmacists
  4.  Physical Therapist
  5.  Health Information Specialist


3. Finance and Accounting

  1.  Financial Analyst
  2.  Investment Banker
  3.  Risk Manager
  4.  Chartered Accountant
  5.  Actuaries 


4. Engineering

  1.  Computer Science Engineering or CSE
  2.  Biomedical Engineers
  3.  Aerospace Engineers
  4.  Environmental Engineers


5. E-commerce and Digital Marketing

  1.  E-commerce manager
  2.  Digital marketing specialist
  3.  Web Developers
  4.  Content writers and Copywrites


6. Biotechnology and Pharmaceuticals

  1.  Genetic Counsellor
  2.  Pharmacists
  3.  Clinical Research associate
  4.  Biomedical Science
  5.  Clinical Research Associate

Besides the aforementioned jobs, MANAGEMENT CONSULTANTS, MARKETING MANAGERS, BUSINESS ANALYSTS, and SOFTWARE ARCHITECT these jobs are also offering lucrative salaries to experts and proficient candidates.  



One must keep in mind that the list given above is a general overview based on a survey. There are other high-paying jobs across industries. The job market is fluctuating always. The need in the market keeps on changing. The market can vary based on the location, industry trends, demands, and economic factors. It is always advisable to make a research, gather information and get help from the professionals. 

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