In the word where Human brains were valued the most within few years of technology innovation of AI (Artificial Intelligence) has taken up all the brilliant mind working. We humans barely have any idea how the new innovation of AI is taking up the world’ s challenges and leading its way. In today’s world.

Most of our modern lifestyles are largely dependent on technology. It's tough to envision life before computers. Computers are used in almost every area of our daily lives. Artificial intelligence (AI) represents a subfield of computer science that seeks to construct machines that replicate human intellect. This might range from voice recognition to decision-making. It can detect trends in data and help us make better judgements. It additionally minimizes the potential of errors made by humans.AI enriches academic writing by providing dynamic, interactive learning environments and personalized educational experiences through its revolutionary technologies and adaptable learning methodologies.  A massive societal revolution will occur that will upset the manner in which we inhabit the human community. Humans must work hard to make a living, but with AI, we are able to program the computer to accomplish anything for us without needing even picking up a tool. As AI replaces the requirement for individuals to interact one another in person for idea exchange, human connection will eventually fade. As personal gatherings are no longer required for communication, AI will fill in for them.
While talking about AI, one of the famous innovations that comes to mind is Chat GPT. ChatGPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformer) represents a robust language model built by OpenAI that can produce human-like affirmations for text-based queries. With Chat GPT, the name that comes to mind is Sam Altman, founder and CEO of Chat Gpt along with Greg Brockman.  The limelight of the AI revolution is no longer employed. CEO Sam Altman founded OpenAI, which last year developed the sophisticated conversation bot ChatGPT. It changed the face of technology. However, the company's board of directors announced his dismissal in the past few days without offering many reasons. Many questions remain unanswered as a result of the statement. His name is making news all around the world due to his abrupt departure from the firm he created, OpenAI.  It might be because Sam Altman, the creator of ChatGPT, has grown to be the hottest face in the field of artificial intelligence, also referred to as AI, in the last year.
The board of directors sacked him because the committee no longer trusted Altman to oversee the firm. According to several news reports, the business's board of directors stated that "they were extremely grateful for Altman's participation and everything he has done for the company, but have determined that new leadership is necessary." According to the Washington Post, Sam Altman was concentrating and considering his own interests rather than the interests of the company. The board of directors stated that Emmett Shear, co-founder of Twitch (video game live streaming services), has taken Altman's post. It was reported that Microsoft gave Sam Altman and Greg Brockman the opportunity to lead an advanced AI research team, and they both embraced the offer and joined Microsoft. However, the workers of Open AI and Chat GPT are pressuring the board of directors to reinstate Altman as CEO.


The board committee stated that Altman was not clearly communicating with the board of directors, and it was causing damage to the firm’s ability to assess their responsibility. Later, Altman accepted the offer from Microsoft along with Greg Brockman to head the advanced research team. But an interesting thing is that employees of OpenAI ChatGPT are demanding Altman’s return as CEO.


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