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Establishing a Career Counselling Network Aligned with the NEP & NCF Vision

Comprehensive curriculum for career guidance 

  • Career progression program tailored for each grade level
  • In-depth virtual workshop series conducted by expert career coaches, offered both in-person and remotely.
  • Profile enhancement webinars
  • Skill development training

Technologically advanced career assessments

  • Assessment based on 5 dimensions
  • Detailed career assessment report
  • Optimal career and stream recommendations based on individual fit
  • Planning and analysis for professional development

Professional Exploration & Research Network

  • Platform for a comprehensive career library and database
  • Carefully chosen career information and Blog articles
  • Expert Career consellors video blogs
  • Career path Exploration

Automated Career Roadmap Tools

  • Technology-based tools for crafting career roadmaps and building profiles
  • Database of entrance exams for higher education institutions
  • Indian college and university library compilations
  • On-time updates for exam announcements through email
  • Compilation of nationwide student scholarship opportunities

Individualized career guidance from certified coaches

  • Sessions for personalised one-on-one career counselling and mentoring
  • Personalized career guidance with internationally certified career coaches
  • Personalized action plans with documentation
  • Personalized mentoring support for guidance

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Benefits of school career counselling

  • Optimal stream/subject selection at the 11th-grade level involves considering personal interests, aptitudes, future career goals, and guidance from mentors to make an informed decision.
  • Successful placement of class 12th students in top colleges requires strategic planning and academic excellence.
  • Enhancing alumni engagement and monitoring their achievements fosters stronger connections and mutual growth.
  • Developing personal expertise in career guidance empowers individuals to provide effective counselling.
  • Utilizing data analytics facilitates informed decision-making processes across various domains.

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Our Collaboration with School for Career Counselling