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Career Assessment | Personalised Guidance | Resume Review | Interview Training | Internships & Job Search Strategy | University Application Support |Skill Development | Planning for Further Education

Embark on a tailored journey towards a fulfilling career with our expert career counseling services. Whether you're an undergraduate (UG) student exploring possibilities or seeking guidance for post-graduation, we're here to assist. 

  • Explore the perfect career path for you based on your interests, academic history, and future potential with the guidance of our coaches.
  • Our expert coaches can help you create a roadmap for your career strategy and provide valuable insight into your desired field's career landscape and future prospects.
  • Know your subject eligibility for Future Post Graduation courses and identify the best programs and prepare for the application process.
  • Our counsellor can provide support in developing job search strategies, writing resumes and cover letters, and practicing interviewing skills.
  • Our experienced counsellors can help undergraduate students identify and develop the skills needed for their chosen career path. This may involve taking additional courses or gaining experience through internships or part-time jobs.
  • Let us help you plan the ideal next step in your academic or professional journey.